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Hello and welcome to my website, i believe you are searching for review before purchasing Ultimate Ecom Mastery.


Ultimate Ecom Mastery is a digital product and a step by step course designed to teach Dropshipping.

The product creator is Sameer Mukhtar and his partner Osmaan Mooraby.

Ultimate Ecom Mastery cost $27 to become a member and let’s see what’s inside the members area

Inside the members area :

Module 1

It shows Dropshipping Miracle, Introduction, Dropshipping Explained, Ecom Calendar

Introduction about the course , what the course is going to cover and what is it that you are going to learn,

Dropshipping Explained talks about what is dropshipping and how dropshipping works, for example

you are selling a product without paying for any inventory upfront.

Ecom Calendar this covers the most important day and date of the year and these are the days where most sales happens.

Module 2

Shopify your power house store

Setting up your store, In this training video you will learn how to set up a shopify store correctly

Ultimate Product Research, the title says it all, inside you will see a series of videos showing you how to find hot selling products to import to your store

Adding product to your store, with this magic app click of a button, products will be imported to your store automatically.

Module 3

Recommended Apps And Setup

In this lesson, you will learn what apps is required for your store so that you understand what is necessary for your store.

Module 4

Facebook Mastery

This module consist of 5 lessons and several video tutorials that will walk you through the basis of setting up a Facebook business account

understanding Facebook ads, setting up your pixels correctly, Facebook Metrics, Connecting FB to shopify, how to make videos for your ads

and how to launch your first ad using the right strategy.

This is the most important module that will get you off running and start generating sales within 24 hours, it covers almost everything you need

to know to generate sales.

Bonus 1

This bonus you will learn about how to get free traffic from Facebook to your store.

Bonus 2 

Instagram Influencers

This is another big bonus where you will learn how to get instant traffic to your store and generate sales instantly, it will also helps boost your facebook pixel and

a good way to remarket your audience, this bonus alone is worth so much..

You will learn how to automate your instagram and a special software to find influencers with a click of a button.

Bonus 3

Access to the VIP Mastermind Group

This is great as you will meet like minded entrepreneurs who are in the same mission as you and also have your questions answered and you will also be updated

about the latest strategy and products that are currently on trends.

For $27 you are getting tons of important information handed on a silver plate and nothing complicated, just simple and straight forward to plug in, Lots of value for a tiny price.


UPSELL #1 [ $47 ]: Ultimate Ecom Mastery Advanced


In this Module is where all the magic happens.

Shopify Advance

Advance Product Selection, In this section you will learn how to find winning products without spending a lot of time on FREE research, products that are proven, tested and ready to sell.

Comes with targeting, the right audience, interest and ad copy, you simply have to copy and paste in your store and it’s easy as 1-2-3

Abandonment Cart Protector

This is the most important module of this course as this is the back end of your store where you will learn how to generate sales on the go using proven email marketing.

This module is splitted in 2 parts and it comes with all the emails professional written, you just have to copy and paste. This alone cover the cost of the entire course.

Advance Facebook Mastery

In this module, you will learn more about Facebook, understanding the different types of ads and which one to use, Custom Audience, Lookalike Audience, Retargeting , Optimising and Scaling.

If you are unfamiliar with all the terms mentioned above, you will quickly learn facebook from a-z, everything you need to know to master facebook. This module is priceless.

Facebook Messenger Bot

This will save you a lot of time manually responding to comments, with FB messenger bot you will learn how to build a list inside FB and remarket over and over again.

Value = Priceless

Google Analytics

This module, you will learn about what is google analytics, how to use analytics with shopify, how to install remarketing tag in your store, so that you can remarket visitors via google.

it covers everything about Google, setting up google ad ( Adwords ) , segmenting buyers from non buyers, remarketing using Display ads, Youtube ads how to use them and

much much more. Value Over Priceless 🙂

Advance Other Traffic Strategies

Coupons Strategy

In this module you will learn how to attract people who are ready to buy in your store and honestly i haven’t seen anyone teaching this strategy.

Increase conversion code, this is a secret method we teach our students how to increase conversion,

Facebook Invite All Fans, this tool will help you to invite all your fb fans and saving you a lot of time.

Invite affiliates to promote your store

In this section, you will learn how to take your store to another level where you don’t have to do any hard lifting, you will have an army of affiliates willing to promote

your product and it is set and forget.


This is a true gold mine which many people are not using, in this section you will learn how to use pinterest and how to attract visitors to your store for free.

Also there is another video where you will learn how to drive traffic to your store using Pinterest ads. Untapped and not taught anywhere.

Spy On Your Own Store

Now that you have learn how to set up your store, understanding paid advertising, you will want to know what is happening inside your store what your visitors are doing.

Inside you will learn how to place tracking code that records every step that your visitors are doing and you can then tweak if for example button is missing or not displayed correctly

on certain mobile. Data about your customers is so important and you would want to know how much time they are spending, what they are clicking and almost everything that they are doing.

This section covers it all.

Brand Awareness

How To Advertise Like A Pro

In this module, we’ll teach you how to find quality traffic to get maximum exposure for your business.

Special Bonus


In this module, you will learn what is clickfunnel and the different type of funnels that we’ve been using to generate sales.

We are also giving away 4 Funnels that made us thousands of dollars.

Simple Product Funnel

Triple Order Funnel

High Ticket Presell Funnel

Free Just Pay Shipping Funnel

Additional Lesson On clickfunnel

How to build a funnel, edit the funnel, add products to funnel,

This is a bonus section for people who wants to explore additional ways to generate sales.

Vault Of Recording Bonuses

This section has all the videos one on one with students who have paid over $2,000 for personal coaching.

You will get access to case study where you will see student setting up their ads from scratch

Facebook Ads + Audience Insight Research
(These videos are quite long but you will see students with zero experience setting up their ads under our guidance and much more)
Fan Page Creation & Fb Ads Setup
Fb Ads Niche Targeting
Case Study Ppe Ads
Fb Ads Niche Targeting
Case Study Product Research
Additional Resources
Customer Service

In this module, you will learn how to deal with customers,If you’ve been in customer service, you already have a jump start on what customers expect.

You will learn how to deal with all the issues we faced and how you too can resolved it.


In this module, you will learn how to hire virtual assistant to run your entire business.

UPSELL #2 [ $47 ] –

10 DFY Ultimate Ecom Mastery Products

You will be given 10 products that is proven, tested and generated sales, it comes with store description written, video ads for facebook, audience and interested plus adcopy given.

Simply copy and plug it inside your store and run ads.

UPSELL #3 [ $597 ]

Ultimate Ecom Mastery DFY Store With Premium Theme

We will create a unique store for your list members, add 30 Products Plus in the store with all the pricing, variances and descriptions written.

We will setup all the applications required to run a successful online store, we will then install our premium highly converting theme that costed us $2,000 to get it designed.

We will setup the backend email marketing and hand over to you your store without any hard work on your end.

Your store will be ready within 72 hours, all you have to do is plug in traffic from the methods we taught and start generating sales.

DOWNSELL [ $197 ]

Ultimate Ecom Mastery DFY Store Without Premium Theme We will create a unique store for your list members, add 30 Products Plus in the store with all the pricing, variances and descriptions written.

Almost everything that is in upsell 3 except that premium theme will not be installed, premium theme cost us a lot of money to develop and we cannot give this away for a fraction of the cost.

Final Verdict : 

Ultimate Ecom Mastery has all the training you need to learn dropshipping from A-Z , Covers everything you need to know about Paid Traffic and Retargeting, the only thing we didn’t cover into much details

is SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation )

This is why we want to give our members a chance to attend a Live Workshop to Learn about SEO.

This is for members only and the workshop will take place on 5th March

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